History of the National Leadership Network, South East London

Purpose of Smaller Local Networks

"We are not the national leadership network"

Local Networks will be encouraged which bring together the same mix of leaders from health and social care. One example has already been developed in London. The purpose of this flexible and inclusive Network is to:

  • Get senior and influential people from across South East London together to review health policy and direction in South East London and contribute to development and change.
  • Be a sounding board, which members would collectively use to review progress and priorities (against strategic plans), raise new issues and develop new ideas.
  • Role model the leadership values and behaviours of the sector
  • Provide senior leadership to Boards and executive teams in the process of change
  • Set direction and articulate the local vision for the implementation of  health reform
  • Set direction for the development and delivery of services as outlined in the SHA's strategy and business plan
  • Provide feedback on local perspectives to the National Leadership Network for Health and Social Care in so doing, influencing national policy and direction

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History of the National Leadership Network, South East London

History of the National Leadership Network

How the Network Membership Functioned

The Network membership once stood at 172. The Network brought together top leaders from all parts of the health and social care system, including leaders from patient and user groups, clinicians and professionals, managers, regulators and inspectors, voluntary, charitable and commercial sector partners and Government Departments with a critical stake in the wider health agenda.

More nominations have been received directly from people who want to contribute or have been suggested by members from their own networks.

In response:

  • the formal membership will be reviewed regularly to make sure the Network benefits from a good blend of experience and diversity and leaders from right across the health and social care system.
  • members who find they are unable to contribute to Network activities will be asked to offer their place to someone else
  • non-Members who want to contribute will be kept in touch with Network activities and invited to help on particular work streams where their experience is of particular relevance
  • the Network will take full advantage of the work of existing groups and networks rather than duplicate effort, thus extending its reach into stakeholder groups.

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