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You’ve established yourself as a leader in your local community. You’ve graduated from your area’s community leadership program, or you’re CLP staff. Now expand your network and impact with your leadership peers across the country. From network building, to Discussions That Matter, to collaborative projects, NLN is helping to grow our current and future generations of leaders.

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Community Leadership Programs (CLPs)

CLP Alumni

Founding CLP Network Leadership Partners

Participating Programs

Why join?



  • Expand your personal and professional leadership network
  • Connect with fellow peers committed to positively impacting their local communities
  • Listen, learn from, and contribute to conversations and solutions addressing the most pressing needs of our communities
  • Strengthen your voice and amplify work within your community on a national level
  • Examine your community through the lenses of other communities
  • Explore with others who share points of common interest but with diverse ideas and methods

Community Leadership Programs

  • Expand your CLP’s alumni experience
  • Connect the impact of your local program to that of CLPs across the nation
  • Expose your alumni to best practices everywhere; bring those ideas and efforts back locally
  • Provide an avenue to lift your alumni voices to the national level and expand your speaker network in the process
  • Attract new CLP applicants and continue to support alumni through expanded leadership and engagement opportunities
  • Stimulate your CLP’s sense of purpose by connecting to something greater

Together, NLN will…

  • Foster dialogue and civility across difference
  • Identify common values among diverse viewpoints and opinions
  • Enhance national civic engagement
  • Build and weave networks to strengthen social fabric
  • Harness the collective brain trust; diversity of thought for problem-solving
  • Maximize American ideas and innovation
  • Move the needle on critical issues
  • Inspire leadership and action at local, state, regional, and national levels


Our Network

The NLN network extends from coast to coast, across geographic borders, industries, professions, and political beliefs. We come from many backgrounds and have one common interest – to work together to have a greater impact on our communities. We believe we are stronger together and more connected than ever.

Click on the map below to learn more about participating Community Leadership Programs (CLPs) across the US.

CLP Network Leadership Partners